Dangerous Trees – Removal/Felling

At some stage some large trees can become dangerous due to poor tree health, weather damage or for safety reasons where they have outgrown their environment and may cause imminent danger to nearby buildings, drives or cables, when this happens they may need immediate attention by trained tree surgeons. At Tipperary Tree Surgery we have a trained team who can tackle any tree in any situation.

Our trained tree surgeons will assess the safest and least destructive method to remove the damaged tree, this could call for sectional dismantling from the top down. The cut sections would then be roped carefully down to ensure no one is put in danger and there is no damage to the surrounding property.

Tree Pruning, Shaping and Crown Reduction

At Tipperary Tree Surgery we have trained tree surgeons to perform safe and effective tree pruning. Whether they are small or large trees, maintenance is advised to keep them in top condition and achieve the desired growth pattern.

Tree crown treatment or reduction to control height and spread for any tree will depend on the condition, shape and location of the tree. This can include; making appropriate pruning cuts, removal of all deadwood, decayed and broken branches, removal of live branches to reduce density and weight of the tree crown.

Stump Removal

After tree felling and removal, the stumps remaining can cause issues, we have specialised machines for tree stump removal.

Debris Removal

Following any tree surgery or stump removal work carried out by Tipperary Tree Surgery, we remove all debris associated with this work.


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